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For your reservation the hotel in galapagos islands at San Cristobal island. Is necessary have all information. Essential details to consider when choosing a hotel are location, amenities, and other significant features that may affect your travel experience.

Therefore, we specifically highlight our enhanced listings: San Cristobal Island Hotels. these hotels porvide a color photo, description of the hotel, list of amenities, information necessary to make reservations.

San Cristobal Island - Hotels

Casa Blanca hotel offer you Galapagos promotions similar to , ,

Casa Blanca Hotel

Casa Blanca is a small hotel located right across the dock in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. You can hear the sea lions and enjoy ocean breezes all night. Each room sports murals painted by the owner who is a local artist. Definitely has a beautiful charm.

Casa Iguana Mar y Sol Hotel offer you Galapagos promotions similar to , ,

Casa Iguana Mar y Sol

Casa Iguana Mar y Sol is a large, new, private house which was built with 4 separate entry suites. It is a three-story property with spacious living units and unbelievable views of the Pacific Ocean and marina. Casa Iguana Mar y Sol is only 100 yards from the shoreline and is the finest, most carefully finished property on the island of San Cristobal.

Casa Opuntia Hotel offer you Galapagos discounts similar to , ,

Casa Opuntia

Opuntia has a privileged sea side location at San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos – just a few minutes away from the airport of San Cristobal. This cozy first class hotel has 7 rooms with air conditioning, private bath and hot water. Pool and Jacuzzi are also available for guests.

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Mar Azul Hotel

Mar Azul is comfortable and spacious hotel, some rooms have TV and Air conditioning. All rooms are double (single occupancy is accepted) and equipped with a unit-type bath and a hot shower.

Miconia Hotel offer you Galapagos promotions similar to , ,

Miconia Hotel

Welcome to Hotel Miconia (Smart Voyager certified), the best hotel on Galapagos Island San Cristobal. Enjoy your stay in a charming and familiar hotel and feel the warmth of the Ecuadorian culture in our friendly and welcoming environment.