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4 Days Tour | Only Isabela Island

We invite you to discover the wondeful world called Galapagos.This tour is focusing exclusively on Isabela Island, the “Lost Paradise” of the Galapagos.

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Interesting facts about the Galapagos Land Tour Program:

« Islands: Visit 1 Island only Isabela

« Galapagos Tour Package: 4 days 3 nights

« Activities: Short hikes, navigating, snorkelling, and wildlife viewing.

« Start Date: Every day

« Age range: 1 yr – active 60’s.

« Tour Style: Soft adventure.

« Wildlife to See: Galapagos Pinguins, Galapagos Sea Lions, Galapagos Giant Tortoises, Marine Iguanas, Lava Lizards, Blue-Footed Boobies, Flamingos, Frigate Birds, Pelicans, Darwin´s Finches, Galapagos Fly-Catchers, Galapagos Mockingbirds, and more.

« Ideal for every budget and interest to visit galapagos

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Departure: Baltra Airport

Return: Baltra Airport

Wear: Comfortable clothing, hiking shoes, hat, jacket and sunscreen.

Wildlife to See: Galapagos Pinguins, Galapagos Sea Lions, Galapagos Giant Tortoises, Marine Iguanas, Lava Lizards, Blue-Footed Boobies, Flamingos, Frigate Birds, Pelicans, Darwin´s Finches, Galapagos Fly-Catchers, Galapagos Mockingbirds, and more.


  • Accommodation in selected hotels (double rooms, according the category).
  • All meals in Galapagos (breakfast – lunch – dinner).
  • All land and sea transportation within the Galapagos during the program.
  • Excursions and visits during the program.
  • Bilingual naturalist guides for each island and all activities.
  • Snorkeling Equipment (mask, fins, tube).
  • Transfer Puerto Ayora – Isabela – Puerto Ayora by Public speedboat.
  • Transfer Baltra – Puerto Ayora – Baltra (by truck or by bus depending on group size)

Not Included:

  • Flight tickets.
  • Galapagos National Park Entry Fee – $100.00 US per person.
  • Isabela Dock Fee – $10.00 US per person.
  • Migratory Control Card – $20.00 US per person.
  • Transportation Baltra Airport – Itabaca Channel – USD 5 p.p. (subject to change).
  • Transportation Itabaca Channel – Baltra Airport – USD 5 p.p. (subject to change).
  • Cost of the transfer between the hotels and the restaurants designated for the meals in each island.
  • Water taxi from dock to speedboat (depending on the tide) – $ 1.00 US per person per ride.
  • Soft-drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Gifts, Personal items
  • Tips.

NOTE: Special Details for your tour.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4

Arrive in Baltra - Tranfer to Isabela Island.

You can arrive to the Galapagos Islands only by flight either from Quito or Guayaquil (air ticket not included). An English-speaking guide will be waiting for you at the Baltra Island airport. He will then take you to Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) for lunch. Afterwards, the guide will lead you to the Public speedboat towards Isabela Island. (departs at 14:00) for a two and a half hours ride. After arriving at Isabela and after a brief rest at the hotel, we head to the Flamingo Lagoon, the largest coastal lagoon found in the Galapagos and one of the main reproductive sites for the majority of flamingos. Dinner will be served at the local restaurant specified by the guide.
Accommodations in the hotel class of your choice.

Isabela Island: (Sierra Negra Volcano OR Tuneles).

Option 1: Sierra Negra Volcano
Early in the morning (8:00 am), after breakfast, get ready for the Sierra Negra Volcano hike (comfortable clothes, walking shoes and a light rain jacket are recommended). Make sure your camera is stored in waterproof bags, wear some sunscreen, bring water, and a hat! Yourself will prepare your box lunch at the hotel with the foodstuff of your choice. We will then travel approximately 45 minutes by truck or bus to begin the 12 km hike (approx. 4 hours). The hike is long in terms of distance, but not very difficult as the inclines and declines are quite gradual. (There is an option to ride horses for an additional cost, if interested please let us know beforehand). Sierra Negra Volcano has the second largest crater in the world, measuring approximately 6 miles in diameter and 300 feet deep. We will then reach Volcan Chico, which should provide a spectacular view of the islands. Once we get back to the hotel we will take a short break to rest. In the afternoon, get to do some fine snorkeling in Concha Perla. Swim with sea lions, colorful varieties of fish and, with luck, sea turtles and rays. Return to the hotel to rest before heading to dinner at a local restaurant indicated by the guide.

Option 2: (Los Tuneles – extra cost)
There are two departure times for this tour, one at 08:00 am with return time at 13:00 pm approx., and one at 11:00 am, with return time at 16:00 pm. approx. The chosen departure time for your tour might vary; hence, you will be notified on the departure time for this day trip on the night before the tour.
Cabo Rosa aka. Los Tuneles is perhaps one of the most beautiful sights in the archipelago. Continuous volcanic eruptions petrified into tunnel-like lava formations right in the middle of the sea, and crystal clear turquoise water allows an amazing view of marine vegetation and playful sea lions. The tour begins early at 8:00am via speedboat and the first stop is a small islet in the middle of the ocean, home to pelicans, blue-footed boobies, and sea lions. Finados snorkeling site is the next stop, where you can swim next to sea turtles, Tintoreras sharks (endemic to the islands), trumpet fish and surgeonfish. With some luck, eagle and golden rays will come to this site too. Getting to Los Tuneles will take around 1 ½ – 2 hrs. Once there, the speedboat will navigate through various spots in and around the Lava Tunnels. Here you get the chance to do some more snorkeling and enjoy some short walks while observing the landscape and wildlife inhabiting the area. A box lunch on board will be provided for this day. Dinner will be served at the local specified restaurant.
Accommodations in the hotel class of your choice

Isabela Island: Tintoreras Islet / Humedales Hike

After breakfasts, get ready to visit to Tintoreras Islet. Make our way to the dock of Puerto Villamil in order to embark on small speedboats (12 passenger capacity). After a short ride (approx. 20 min.) we will arrive at Tintoreras Islet. The name of the islet derives from the sharks that inhabit in the waters surrounding the islet, the famous white-tipped fins Tintorera Sharks. The islet is one of the most fascinating places on Isabela Island. Galapagos sea lions, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, Sally Lightfoot Crabs, sea turtles, pelicans, and Galapagos Penguins can all be found in this site. It is also one of main breeding sites for marine iguanas, and a great spot to get a close-up with them. After a hike around the islet, get back on the boat and cool off by snorkeling in the waters nearby. Swimming next to multicolor fish, starfish, sea urchins, and with luck manta rays, sharks, and sea lions is a major highlight in this excursion. After a fascinating experience we will return to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon, visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center of Isabela. Here you can observe a variety of species of giant tortoises. You will also hear how this center has successfully bred and raise the giant tortoises to preserve many endangered subspecies. Afterwards, we will visit the Wall of Tears (Muro de las Lagrimas). Between 1946 and 1959 Isabela Island was used as a penal colony by the Ecuadorian government, and the prisoners were obligated to build this wall out of the sharp and hard volcanic rocks. The wall is 100 meters long and 7 meters high. On the way back we will make a visit to a Lava Tunnel near the Wall- Visits to Mirador Orchilla, Estero de Isabela, and Playa del Amor are also programmed. We will then return to the hotel to rest before heading to dinner at a local restaurant specified by the guide.
Accommodations in the hotel class of your choice.

Transfer out Baltra airport

On the final day we recommend waking up at 5:00 am to get ready for the transfer out to the dock, in order to take the public speed boat to Santa Cruz, once in Puerto Ayora we have a breakfast, after a short rest we continue to Baltra Island Airport where you will catch your return flight to either Quito or Guayaquil. The last visit to the Twin Craters on the way out will depend on the departure time of your flights and the general timings of the tour.

NOTE: This itinerary is subject to change due to Galapagos National Park dispositions or to circumstances beyond our control (force majeure).

  • First Class Hotels
  • Tourist Superior Hotels
  • Tourist Class Hotels
  • Economy Class Hotels

Hotel Albermale. Isabela Island

hotel first class albemarle restaurant hotel first class albemarle hotel first class albemarle room
hotel first class albemarle double room    

Hotel La Laguna. Isabela Island

hotel superior class la laguna hotel superior class la laguna room hotel superior class la laguna pool
hotel first class albemarle double room    

Hotel San Vicente. Isabela Island

hotel tourist class San Vicente hotel tourist class San Vicente room hotel tourist class San Vicente zone relax
hotel tourist class San Vicente jacuzzi    

Hostal Villamil. Isabela Island

hostall economic class Hostal Villamil hostall economic class Hostal Villamil double room hostall economic class Hostal Villamil room

NOTE: The Isabela Island Hotels.

  • Hotel Selection
  • Air Ticket Not Included
  • Restaurants
  • Guides
  • Public Speedboats
  • Schedule of Excursions

Hotel Selection. The hotel selection depends on the category of hotel that you choose. Once you choose the hotel class of preference, we will specify to you which hotels are available for the dates of your trip. Hotels are categorized in the following classes: Economic Class, Tourist Class, Tourist Superior Class, and First Class. All the hotels we work with have been carefully chosen by us after close inspection.

Air Ticket Not Included. The price of the tour does not include air tickets. We will gladly help your with the booking of the ticket from Quito or Guayaquil to Galapagos. You may also book the flights on your own if cheaper. PLEASE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT, which islands you, will arrive and leave from, and if you choose to book your own flight please try to book your arrival in the morning (before 11am) and your departure in the late afternoon (12 pm or after) so that you don’t miss any part of the tour. You can book your flight either through TAME, AEROGAL, LAN, or TAME (recommended).

We work with both hotel and local restaurants alike for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This also depends on the chosen hotel class, as some hotels have restaurant services, in which case food will be served on the hotel restaurant. Meals are served in the “meal of the day” style. In case food is not served at the hotel, the guide will specify the chosen restaurant (no transfers to and from the restaurants to the hotels are included in the cost of the program. However, distances are all at a minimum walking distance in Galapagos). LUNCH AND DINNER during our tours consist on the meal of the day (not a la carte). Most provisions are bought in form the mainland to Galapagos; hence, a limited variety of food can be found. If you require vegetarian meals let us know ahead of time so we can make all arrangements necessary within the possibilities.

Guides We organize excursion with local naturalist guides for each island (and sometimes for each activity). The guides will accompany you throughout all excursions, give explanations of the islands (flora and fauna) and coordinate the activities each day. Regarding lunch and dinner, the guide will specify the restaurant designated but he will not accompany you during this time. The guide’s activities will start and end with each daily excursion. The guide will not go with you on the speedboats between islands either. We work with local and independent guides certified by the Galapagos National Park – if you feel that their guidance does not meet your expectations, feel free to leave a complaint at the National Park Direction, if possible at the time of the tour, to help improve the quality of service in the islands.

Public Speedboats We recommend that you take a seasickness pill before each ride between islands if you are prone to seasickness. It is also recommended that you carry small plastic bags with you in case of seasickness. The speedboats are not completely covered so please make sure that valuable objects and electronics are stored in a plastic bag. The guide will not go with you on the speedboats but a new guide will greet you on the other side. There are no services onboard as the speedboat space is limited and the journey is relatively short. A water taxi ride is sometimes required (depending on the tide) from the dock to the speedboat; the cost is 1 USD per person and per ride. Please, make sure you bring cash in small denominations in case this expense is needed. This is a Public service out of our control..

Schedule of Excursions The schedule of the excursions will be coordinated and determined locally through the guide and those responsible for the operations. The guide will indicate what time each activity will start. The transfers between islands on the public speedboats are the only activities that have fixed departure times.

NOTE: Special Information.

Tips for your Galapagos Tour

The Galapagos Islands natural beauties are ideal for sports and adventure activities. Its landscapes and wildlife make it a unique oportunity to interact with nature for adventure seekers. But don¿t forget that the Galapgos National Park has some regulations to protect the islands

Make sure you check out this helpful tips and help us lead a responsible and respectful tourism on this beautiful yet delicate ecosystem. Get the best out of your Galapagos adventure as a conscious tourist!!

Respect Park Rules…

« Do not touch or disturb the animals or plants – apart from environmental harm, you can be bitten or stung

« Dot not collect anything from land or the oceans, only remove the rubbish.

« Do not go outside of the snorkeling area/land trail specified by your guide.

Be Alert…

« Small animals and tortoises can be in the middle of the road – watch your step or bike trail

« Do not attempt to wander on your own into some locations – you can get easily lost, specially at the highlands

« Check all your equipment before every excursion, report any damage beforehand

Other Specifications…

« Multisport itineraries require a good physical condition, make sure you are up to the chalenge

« Stay hydrated at all times on every excursion – it can get really hot on the warm season (up to 31°C/88°F ) – all hotels have free water dispensers

« Use plenty of sunscreen

« Wear a hat

Make Sure You Bring…

« Passport valid for 6 months

« Special medications if needed

« Walking shoes and comfortable clothes

Beware that…

« Internet is available on Santa Cruz and San Cristobal – service is poor on Isabela Is.

« Cash machines are available on Santa Cruz or San Cristóbal – we recommend bringing all cash (for extra expenses) for the mainland, as machines are unreliable.

NOTE: Tips for your tour.

4 land tours Only Isabela

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NOTE: Photos.

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